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We have gotten SO MANY people saying they loved the lunch, mainly due to your outstanding entertainment. Thank you so much again. I’m worried:  they are asking me how I top it next year?!?

Suzi Wirtz Chicago, IL


is fueled by his passion for connecting with people.


Jonathan is the founder of the Hellstrom Group; an international consulting company helping businesses at trade shows, conferences, sales events, and other opportunities where the business wants to deliver their marketing message.


Drawing on his experience traveling the world as as professional mind reader, Jonathan is regularly booked to speak on the power of applied psychology in sales, marketing, new technology, and a variety of other topics.


Fortune 500 companies who want to leverage the power of applied psychology will book Jonathan for one of his four workshops where he teaches their teams to be better at sales, negotiations, presentations, or influence.


He has written several books centered on maximizing your mindpower and motivation by sharing the lessons he’s learned on and off stage. He has also written a book on Wing Chun Kung Fu, and all are available on




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What do clients are saying about him?

Theo BP

Thank you for the passionate and engaging panel participation during the Senior Level Leaders (SLL) Conference last week. You not only displayed versatile expertise in your field but also leadership throughout… It was a delight to see so much engagement between you and the various audience member after each of the sessions. Additionally, I’ve had several SLLs comment on how it was one of the clear highlights of the Expo and Learning part of the conference. Most mentioned how they appreciated the presentation itself, the dynamic content, especially since both were externally and future-focused…while still organically connecting back to leadership.

Sheldon Helms National Conference Organizer

Our survey results showed that he was, hands down, the most highly rated presenter of the entire convention, which included a world famous climatologist, a neurobiologist from U.C. Davis, a world renowned child psychologist from U.C. Berkeley, and many others. I would hire Jonathan again in a heartbeat!

Optimizing every area of your business!

From trade shows, sales, negotiation training, and beyond; Jonathan does it all.


To arrange a consultation or discuss your opportunity, send him a message.