After [think] Like A Mind Reader was released, I started working with clients who are elite-level entrepreneurs, business people, and speakers.

Ideal clients are highly motivated to:

  • Improve personal & professional branding
  • Break out of tired roles by recreating themselves
  • Create more opportunities in life & business
  • Attract the right kind of business
  • Publish a book
  • Leverage social media
  • Create a life of integrity
  • Improve mental, emotional, and physical health


There are two ways we can work together. Either a 1/2 day VIP session, or a 1/2 year coaching engagement.

Not everyone is a good fit. These are custom-designed experiences that are tailored to each client, and as such they are priced to accurately reflect the value received.

If budget is an issue, I invite you to follow me on Twitter, buy one of my books, or enroll in my online video course.

Why Work With Me, Specifically

I'm an internationally touring speaker, author, trainer and I've been self employed since the day I graduated college. I've lived my whole life outside the realm of the standard social narrative of the 9-5 world, and have a passion for helping others escape their prisons.

I'm a professional development mentor at the #1 tech incubator in the world, 1871, offer mentorship opportunities with State Farm, and provide high level results to companies like BP, Coldwell Banker, and celebrities like Criss Angel.

I've personally managed multiple transitions from graphic designer to entertainer to business consultant and keynote speaker.

I've consistently been recognized by peers for my high standards and quality of work.

But that's now. This was then.

I've been divorced, broke, essentially homeless, and had my car repossessed twice. I've hit rock bottom multiple times, and it is my life's mission to help others avoid destroying success in their own ways.

If you're at your wit's end, let's talk.

VIP Session

This experience is perfect for professionals who are working on big idea projects. They're trying to reinvigorate their personal brand, planning a book, or lost in the chaos of possibilities and want guidance on which direction to turn.

We'll meet in Chicago, get things started with a solid breakfast, and then dig into your goals, aspirations, and plans. We'll put our heads together to develop a completely unique action plan that will target your most effective opportunities.

Afterwards you'll receive personalized recommendations from me and an outline of your next steps.

You will gain clarity, coherence, and leave knowing how to maximize your already limited resources.

Pricing: $5,500

If you're ready to invest in your own success, drink from the firehose, enhance your innovation, and break out of your (personal & professional) plateaus, contact me to start our conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Client Testimonials

What's it like working with me? Don't take my word for it; listen to people who have already benefited.

Jonathan is a rock star; in less than 10 minutes he streamlined my process by over 50% which will save me thousands in costs. He’s really easy to work with and tells you what you need to hear.

Jonathan spoke about increasing your business productivity via how you engage with your audience. I still refer to the notes I took from that talk now, about 2 years later. I took that much away from his talk. He’s got powerful strategies that obviously work and I’m grateful that he shared them with me. They’ve made a huge difference in how I engage with people. Thank you <3

We are using your great ideas to streamline our message into a disciplined, succinct, accessible communication and that makes a tremendous difference. Your thoughts are helping move the needle far and fast. We are creating a Lean Executive Summary and the narrative portion is based upon your methodology.

6 Month Coaching Engagement

This is for any professional who is looking to cultivate a more effective strategy for leadership & success. There's personalized instruction that will provide massive leverage to existing resources.

Here's what it looks like.

First we spend a half day together in Chicago where we establish a customized action plan based on your particular goals, aspirations, or intended achievements like writing a book, becoming a recognized speaker, build a better reputation. Whatever it is, we can make it work.

Then, twice a month we will have a scheduled call where we'll spend an hour checking in with progress, problems, and identifying areas for improvement. You will receive tasks to complete between calls which will keep you on track and accountable to the process. We will continue to refine your execution to get you closer and closer to your bullseye.

Guidance, support, accountability, and strategy are the pillars for success. You'll have them all.

Pricing: $20,000

If you're a professional who is tired of wandering in the desert by yourself, it's valuable to have a guide who can get you out of the wasteland and into the promised land quickly. If you can avoid even one expensive mistake, the program is more than worth it. Having a structure to rely on will keep you focused on success, and make it easier to maintain momentum. Please get in touch to start the conversation.


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