"Wait, you're a mentalist? What, exactly, does that mean?"

~Everyone I Meet

It's a good question. Totally understandable that you might be wondering how a "Mentalist" can help your business. That's why I made this page; to explain how I help my clients.

My Fundamental Philosophy

The better we understand psychology and why people do what they do, the more effective we can be at making the world a better place.

If you agree with that, we'll get along fine!

The Big Four

There are essentially four ways I help clients:

  1. Engage & entertain audiences
  2. Keynote speaking & MC'ing
  3. Train teams on high value soft skills
  4. Entrepreneurial & elite executive coaching


VIP Event Engagement

My first professional show was $200 at age 13 to do magic tricks at a company's summer picnic, and I was sold on the life of being an entertainer.

My specialty is using a blend of comedy, custom scripting, and applied psychology to connect audience members with your message at trade shows, hospitality suites, banquets, kickoffs, product reveals, awards shows, etc.

With my help your people will have a great time as they read minds, influence decisions, read foreign languages, predict the future, move objects with their mind, and other unbelievable demonstrations of "mind power;" all while being literally unable to forget your message.

That's what a Mentalist can do for you.

As a Mentalist I've entertained the troops stationed overseas, appeared on Vegas main stages on the strip, got 3 out of 4 yes's on America's Got Talent, and performed at many other high value events for exclusive clients.

You not only displayed versatile expertise in your field but also leadership throughout… It was a delight to see so much engagement between you and the various audience member after each of the sessions. Additionally, I’ve had several SLLs comment on how it was one of the clear highlights of the Expo and Learning part of the conference. Most mentioned how they appreciated the presentation itself, the dynamic content, especially since both were externally and future-focused…while still organically connecting back to leadership.

Theo, BP Executive


Start Your Event Right

Whether you're planning a national leadership conference, investor conference, or any kind of event where you need a dynamic speaker to get the event rolling, then I can help.

My most popular talk is an interactive experience called "[think] Like A Mind Reader" and I also cover other topics like "I'Mpossible," technological innovation, influence, psychology of attention, and more.

Check out my speaking page for more details.


High Level Soft Skills

Eventually I realized that the psychological techniques I use on stage to make it look like I can read minds are also applicable to business (and that I had already been using them in my own life and business to great success).

Now, I offer 2-day training seminars for groups of up to 16 people where I reveal all the most powerful secrets of motivational psychology on these four topics:

  1. Negotiations
  2. Presentations
  3. Sales Processes
  4. Influence With Integrity

These are the four make-or-break skills of any business. Imagine if your employees knew exactly what your clients, customers, and competition were thinking.

Wouldn't that lead to more successful deals, opportunities for new business, and more effective sales teams?

Yes it would.

That's why companies like BP, State Farm, 1871 (the number one tech incubator in the country), and others large corporations trust me to train their teams.


Elite Mindset Training

Entrepreneurs and elite performers deal with high stress environments that most people never handle.

At these levels the slightest bit of self doubt can quickly snowball into hesitation and crippling cycles of second guessing.

It helps to have someone who has been in high pressure situations who deeply understands the intricacies of how the human mind can self sabotage to help guide high performers through the mine field of their own motivation.

Whether you're an elite athlete running the Boston Marathon, a CEO, or other high value performer, we can get your mind focused on success again.

Other Opportunities

There are many other places where understanding people can lead to innovative solutions. If you have a unique problem or idea that you'd like to run by me, I'd love to hear from you! There are plenty of custom-designed projects I've enjoyed working on, so I can't wait to see what we can cook up!

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