the Hellstrom Group

Over the years Jonathan has connected with the world's best thinkers, speakers, and doers in their industries.

Combine that with his love of helping the right people get connected to the right opportunities and you'll get the Hellstrom Group; an international consulting company focused on helping companies connect with their people & opportunities at events like:

  • Sales, Negotiations, Presentations, and Influence training workshops
  • Leadership development conducted by the former head of security at a U.S. embassy in Europe
  • A consultant at Netflix
  • and more.

ROI Trade Shows

Trade shows are a phenomenal opportunity for businesses to make a year's worth of high quality connections in a few short days... if they know how to do it properly.

The companies that get the most out of their trade show exhibit understand they need professional help in attracting attendees, delivering their marketing messages, and transitioning to the sales team to continue the conversation.

That's where ROI Trade Shows comes in.

Jonathan and his team design custom-scripted business-friendly presentations that attract, qualify, and close 3-4x as many leads for their clients than they'd get otherwise.

If your company exhibits, you need ROI Trade Shows. combines Jonathan's love for art and technology. It's a project dedicated to helping artists create genuinely limited editions of their digital artwork.

It's a completely new type of artwork where the "cryptoprint" is the piece, its certificate of authenticity, and provenance all-in-one.

Chicago Wing Chun Club

In addition to being a speaker, entertainer, author of books on mindset, and a corporate trainer, Jonathan also is an enthusiast and practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

He's even written a highly regarded book on the subject, available on Amazon.

If the weather is nice, you can find him sharing his knowledge and experience with a small handful of students at B&W Powerlifting Gym on the north side of Chicago.

Jonny Zavant

This is the stage name and performing character created by Jonathan for his college & university shows. Emphasis is on comedy, playfulness, and audience engagement which has landed him spots on America's Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, among other opportunities.

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