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About You

Here you're part of the family. A close-knit team based in Chicago who are dedicated to delivering high quality service & products to clients who trust our knowledge, service, and (most importantly) our people.

All Hands Training

For the first time in nearly 5 years the whole team is coming together so the leadership can communicate:

  • how important the team is to the continued success of the company,
  • how appreciated each employee is to the company,
  • and to take the time to provide the highest quality information & insights on how to become even better at their jobs so they can get what they want:
    • provide for a family that looks to them for support,
    • that dream vacation to Africa,
    • the perfect apartment.

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with the 600+ employees who work with Lakeshore Beverage, and to get everyone pointed in the right direction.

Also, it's the perfect time to address certain issues that, if not dealt with, will continue to erode our effectiveness as an industry leader.


  • Customer Service lacking on multiple levels
  • Millennial / Old Guard communication breakdowns
  • Too much 1 year and under employee turnover


  • Loss of client & customer loyalty, trust, and business
  • Company infighting and 'buck passing'
  • Missed business opportunities due to focusing on client friendship instead of asking for contracts
  • Infighting & wasted time eroding employee buy-in
  • Losing 2x a single employee's salary spent on finding, hiring, and training employees who leave


Start the day off on the right foot with a keynote speaker who can bridge the millennial gap, connect sales & operations into a single unit, and deliver high quality customer service ideas that transform your company from the inside out: starting with every employee's self respect.

This is world class training, not teaching.

Everyone in the room will be involved that morning as well as in the weeks to come. You'll receive materials (custom designed posters) for a six week follow up exercise series put into motion by the HR department (Hi DeVon!).

Each week we'll focus on one trait and the team will vote, as a whole, who did the best job of embodying that trait. By the end they'll be completely trained: standing taller, more punctual, eager to help, more engaged, and more servant-driven custodians of the Lakeshore Beverage name.

The result? Improved customer service (both internally & externally) based on self respect and a newfound respect for others.


  • Jonathan Pritchard's 1 hour keynote experience
  • Breakout sessions
  • Day-of mingling & availability
  • Custom designed mind reading logo reveal (as seen above)
  • Challenge puzzle for all participants
  • Templates for client to create their own novelty buttons (S.M.Y.C.)
  • High resolution PDFs of 7 posters the company can print & place at each of the 4 locations
  • Training for HR Director on how to rollout & follow through on "6 Keys" in the weeks after the all hands meeting
  • Site visit to consult about ideal event set up conditions

Total Pricing: $7,500

$12.50/attendee [less than a movie + popcorn ticket].

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Take care of the total amount here.

Includes signed agreement, invoice, W9, insurance, sound & lighting requirements, etc.


As I'm already on site anyway, I'd love to make the most out of our time together and also contribute to the event as an MC, one of the breakout session trainers, and help as an event scout & consultant, etc.

My Personal Guarantee:

If you're not happy for any reason, and I can't make it right, you don't have to pay me.

I've never had to fulfill this guarantee, nor do I ever intend to, but I want my business partners knowing I'm invested in making sure our events are beyond their highest expectations.

It's an honor & privilege to be trusted with your business, and I look forward to making a difference with your team.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please get in touch with me directly here: jonathan@likeamindreader.com or on my personal cell phone 702.997.3383

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